Day 107 of 365 – Wednesday Night

Wednesday’s are my mothers day off so she babysits my awesome nephew, William. I was planning on taking a photo of him but ended up spending the day working in Providence, RI. Wednesday nights usually involve grabbing one or two beers with close friends to discuss life, how our week is going, and what we are doing the upcoming weekend. Yes, beer was a previous 365, but here is another one from a different location and a different beer!

Day 89 of 365 – Fisheye

I just picked up a Sigma 8mm Fisheye lens for another job I am starting in a few weeks. I decided to take it out and play with it for my 365 project. This shot was my favorite for the day, it kind of looks like a bug eye. I really don’t see myself using this lens often outside of the job I will be doing, but it sure is fun to play with.

Day 78 – Justly Famous Since 1910

This is Almac’s diner, it has been a Fall River, MA icon since 1910 and has been closed down as of Monday. I regret not doing this photo shoot when it was in business and all the neon lights where operational, I had no idea it was closing until it was already closed. More info on the place and it’s closing over at The Herald News.

This was a HDR multi-row panorama. I wanted to make a HUGE high quality image for large printing, and may go back and do it again at night with some manual light painting where the neon lights would have been.