Day 262 of 365 – No Problemo

I have been meaning to check out the restaurant No Problemo in New Bedford, MA for quite some time now and finally had the chance to do so with some good friends on Thursday night. I had some red wine sangria, a Zapata burrito (Rice, Black Beans, Cheese, Salsa, Sour Cream, Guacamole & Roasted Red Peppers) and a side of chips and guacamole.

Everything was absolutely amazing and FRESH, so amazing I had to make this my 365 for today. I was that weirdo in the restaurant popping off shots of his big ass burrito with his big ass camera, and I do not even care. I foresee No Problemo’s being on a regular weekly rotation for sure. If you are in the area, and by area I mean a 50 mile radius of New Bedford, MA, you really need to check this place out.


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