Day 108 of 365 – Thursday’s

Thursday’s usually consist of working harder than any other day. Maybe because I am gearing up for a short Friday and a stress free weekend by getting as much done as possible, I’m not exactly sure why, but anyway.

I have been meaning to take a cool photo of my computer mouse since I use my mouse quite a bit, probably something scary like 30% of each day. I figure I might as well pay a tribute to this simple piece of gear. As I framed up some shots and figured out some lighting, I realized I could make this a bit cooler with some long exposure tricks. I lit the scene with one off camera flash to the left of the camera. There where no other lights on in the room as I needed complete darkness to capture the light trails created by the laser on the mouse pad. I decided a good exposure length would be 108 seconds, since this is day 108 of the project. I think I want to turn this in to some type of series with super long shots, as in 3-4 hours at a time.

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