Day 94 of 365 – Tig & Bean

I am re-posting Thursday’s 365 entry with a different photo taken on the same day. I feel the editing on my first photo was rushed, and it was. I was already a day late posting the original photo and I just wanted to get it done when I got home from work. Anyway, here is my new 365 entry from the same night as the original.

I went down to Local 121 in Providence, RI last night to see Tig & Bean. I figured getting a photo of the amazing Caroline Hecht would be a great addition to this project. The lighting situation was challenging as all heck in there, and it was packed like sardines, but I did my best to get the shot. More photos from this night will be posted when I have a chance.

New photo:

You can view the original photo which was not very sharp to begin with here. It suffered from me over editing, over sharpening, and just rushing in general. Lesson learned – stop rushing the project. As long as the photo is taken on it’s respective day, I’ll post it when it has been properly reviewed and edited.

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