Day 90 of 365 – Late night rides

Sunday was a day of re-cooperation from celebrating a friends birthday on Saturday night. I tried to get a few shots but it was raining and I had 0 energy. I did take a bunch of photos early Sunday morning in Dennis’s car with my fish-eye lens on the way to Denny’s for bad food decisions, and decided to roll with one of those photos for Sunday’s 365. This is the effect caused by using the lens profile corrections in Lightroom with the Sigma 8mm. This is a more experimental photo, which I have been lacking in this project and think I may have to get a bit more experimental in the future.

I once hated on the fish-eye lens because it seemed most people I knew that used them, really over did it. It kind of made the effect seem so played-out to me, now I am a huge fan of the new way the lens makes you look at the world in front of you.

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