Day 57 of 365 – Unexpected Rockets

Last night I wanted to hang out outside with friends, not in a shady dark club. I had some friends I met through DGAF that invited me over to their place for some fireworks and fun, so I made the trek up to Worcester and boy am I glad I did. By the time I made it there, the huge fireworks display they had was over, however they gathered together their bottle rockets and shot them in to the sky for me all at the same time for me to get a 365 photo.

Problem is, I was not ready. The camera was not on the tripod and the firery balls started flying in to the air before I had my focus and settings correct. I tried to take the photo hand held and this is the best I could do. I am semi-ok with posting a shitty photo for this day, because the memory of the night is much more important to me. Thanks Kurt and Shane!

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