Day 21 of 365 – Mt Monadnock

I took a trip to New Hampshire with some friends to hike Mt Monadnock today which also meant some new scenery for my 365 project. This is a panorama  from the stop we made on our way up to the top. The peak to the right of the photo is the summit of the trail. It was overall a pretty awesome experience and I will definitely be hiking there again.

To best view this image, right click this link and view it in a new tab or window:

Day 20 of 365 – Boat in a bottle

I spent most of my day running around doing spring cleaning and enjoying the beautiful day. I did not get a chance to shoot my 365 until well after the day light was gone, so I had to get creative with what was around me inside. I have been meaning to give this type of photo a go for a while now, the glass and light reflections make for a very difficult lighting situation. I tried to focus on the sails of the boat, but the reflections and texture of the glass made it close to impossible for me. The whole room was reflected on to the glass in this photo which was not my intent, next time I need to shoot it in its own little black box with more diffused lighting to get the look I am after.

Day 19 of 365 – Glover

Today I had a photography gig at The Colosseum in Providence for Nexthype Providence’s DGAF (Dubstep and Heavy Bass night). A good chunk of you people following this project already know I am a regular photographer there, I made sure to snap a shot before midnight that could be used for a 365 shot.   In case you do not know, “glovers” are people who wear gloves with LED lit finger tips and perform light shows for their friends to enjoy with the music. It’s a pretty cool concept and makes for really interesting photos. The person in the photo is Bobby Mello. He is one of the more popular glovers at this event, rightfully so, he is pretty darn good with those fingers! I wouldn’t be surprised if another glover photo ends up in this 365 set.

Day 17 of 365 – Piano

I had planned a photo shoot of my friend Colby’s motorcycle during sunset today, but the results where not what I was hoping for. We are going to try again within the next few days. We hung out for a little while and I was drawn to the beauty of his Piano. I took a few different shots from different angles, but this one was my favorite. I felt that since this was an analogue instrument, I had to shoot it in black and white. I also took a few shots with my film camera, I look forward to finishing the roll and getting my first film shots developed.

Day 15 of 365 – The Bridge

It was only a matter of time before I ran out of ideas and tried to get a photo of the Braga Bridge. This is not so much a photo of the bridge, but it’s in there. I want to get ON the bridge to take a cool night time shot, but I could get arrested in the process. It seems when I run out of ideas, night time long exposures are always something to fall back on.

Day 14 of 365 – Editing

I spent pretty much my whole day in the dungeon / studio editing photos and organizing music. It was a very crappy day outside, rainy, foggy, gloomy, and just not very motivating. My work area is really dark, with no windows, which is great for editing, but not so great to take a photos in. I set up the camera in front of my desk and took a few photos at different exposures. I then took some more long exposure shots with an added white LED light.  I brought all the images in to Photoshop and fooled around with erasing potions of the images to create something like a HDR look. Not a great picture, but at least I took a photo and played with some new editing techniques.

Day 13 of 365 – Purple Sky

The weather in New England today was just perfect. I took a few shots during the day, but this night time shot was my favorite. The colors in the sky where unreal so I did my best to catch them. Unfortunately I missed a large chunk of the sunset as I forgot my camera battery at home charging. When I got back down to my spot (Regatta parking lot) this is what I was left with. I really liked the stars in the sky, I am not sure if the streak is a plane or shooting star, either way it looks pretty neat. This is not an HDR, just a long exposure.

ISO 400, f9.0, 15s

Day 9 of 365 – Sunflower

Yet another crappy, rainy day here in Massachusetts. These rainy days sure are making me think to hard about this project! Here is a close up of a sun flower. The center of these things looks like it’s some natural black hole that is going to open up at any moment and suck me in. Hopefully tomorrow we will have some better weather and I will have some better ideas.

Day 8 of 365 – Amerieeka

Today I had to capture a 365 image, and an image for the project. I am still not sure if this image is going to get used as the ADay project as well as today’s 365, but I thought it was interesting either way. I was at a loss as to what to photograph that would represent the place I am living, or just something that reflects our current era. I wanted something real and grimey, so I went to the first place that came to mind – a Walmart parking lot. Here I saw this person walking their dog while driving their car. If this don’t say “lazy America”, I am not sure what does.

Day 7 of 365 – Providence

I had to spend all Sunday night and Monday morning working on photos for a client so I did not have much time to think through my 365 submission for today. I went to Providence, RI for some Thai food at Aspara Palace and stopped over by India Point Bridge to take a photo of the new bridge on 195. It was a cloudy night so the light reflected off the haze rather nicely, although the sky was unbelievably colorless. I took some HDR shots and was going to get a little fancy in photoshop and add a more dramatic sky, but opted to keep this 20 second long exposure shot instead.

Info: ISO 100, f11, 20s.

Day 6 of 365 – William

Today was mothers day, so I felt it would be appropriate to take a photograph of my mother and my wonderful sister who is also a mommy. Unfortunately, the wind did not want to cooperate with us and the photos did not come out so good. However, my nephew William was very photogenic today, and had it not been for both my mother and my sister, this little dude wouldn’t be here right now. While he was running around on the grass enjoying ice cream with the family, I snapped a few photos. William has some hilarious animated faces. I am not so sure what caused the “oh face”, but it sure is funny. Chances are William will make it in to another 365 photo or two.

Day 5 of 365 – Water Drops

I have been wanting to give this a go for some time now and finally got a chance to try it out. It’s not that hard to do, but there is a lot of preparation involved. It is also recommended to be done with an off-camera flash which I do not have access to at the moment, so I improvised with bouncing my flash off various objects. I also used some fabrics and tissue papers over my flash to get some interesting color in to the image. I will be playing with this some more in the future, next time I will use a bigger water tray and hopefully have a transmitter for my flash unit.

Day 4 of 365 – Light Painting v2

I wanted to do more light painting, but this time I wanted to try and draw some stuff in to the photos with LED lights. I already had a mountain of  the lights laying around, so I wired them up to an old cell phone battery and attached them to a pole that stuck in to an old iPod box. You can see a photo of this wacky thing here. I headed down to a few open areas in the city with my friend Colby. The results aren’t the greatest, but I think I finally got the hang of it towards the end of the session. I need to plan something like this out a lot more before the actual shoot. I also need to find a darker area to do this in. I am going to try to combine the style from my first light painting and this second one together to form one awesome image. So far this 365 thing is great. It just keeps me thinking and looking for a new place or thing to photograph in a creative way no matter where I am or what I am doing.

Day 3 of 365 – Smoke Stack

I spent a few hours walking around Fall River, MA looking for something interesting to take a photo of. I armed myself with my camera and my 50mm lens and nothing else then hoped for the best.  I did not even notice that there was a smoke stack 3 feet in front of me while walking, then I looked up and thought “Wow, this thing is huge”. The clouds broke and the sun felt great for a while, then right as I was getting closer to my house, it started raining again. I am not really happy with the results here, but I think I will be back there to take another shot sometime soon. It’s interesting to see something so big up close, that does not seems so big from just a few blocks away. I would love to see the making of one of these things. Each brick must have been hand placed on this thing – that is some massive work!

Day 2 of 365 – Rain

So today’s challenge was rain. Lot’s and lot’s of rain. I first tried outdoors after midnight with my flash and a headlamp, the results where gross. I then spent about an hour today outside in the garden with all my rain ready gear and started snapping some shots. I was not sure what to capture, I feel like everything has been done before, then I remembered I have 363 more days of this to go. I can not keep sweating it and just need to go with it, so here it is – rain drops on the blade of a plant (OH MY GOD THATS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE!).