Day 3 of 365 – Smoke Stack

I spent a few hours walking around Fall River, MA looking for something interesting to take a photo of. I armed myself with my camera and my 50mm lens and nothing else then hoped for the best.  I did not even notice that there was a smoke stack 3 feet in front of me while walking, then I looked up and thought “Wow, this thing is huge”. The clouds broke and the sun felt great for a while, then right as I was getting closer to my house, it started raining again. I am not really happy with the results here, but I think I will be back there to take another shot sometime soon. It’s interesting to see something so big up close, that does not seems so big from just a few blocks away. I would love to see the making of one of these things. Each brick must have been hand placed on this thing – that is some massive work!

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