Day 365 of 365 – The Beginning

I can’t thank everyone who was involved with this project enough. As much as this seems like an easy enough project to do, some of you witnessed first hand how difficult this project was for me at times. If it wasn’t for all your loyal support, I probably would have failed around day 40.

While this is the end of my 365 project, this is just the beginning of some new projects that I did not have time to focus on before. Thanks for following and “liking” my work. I like you too.


This shot looks like the photos are photoshopped in, but they’re not. I set up some off camera flashes with reflective umbrellas down in the Arcadia Management Area in Richmond, RI then had Andrew and Dennis throw stacks of my printed photos at me. The slightly longer exposure brought in the colors of the sunset, but caused streaking and ghosting of the photos flying in mid-air.

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