Day 247 of 365 – Tough Guy

Sam sent me a macro shot of a pencil tip breaking on a piece of paper so I had to give it a shot. I decided it would be more interesting to have a drawing on the piece of paper that the pencil could interact with. My drawing skills flat out suck, so I googled “cartoon outline”. I saw this little tough guy on an drawing article by Shawn Encarnacion and thought he would make a good subject, if you want to learn how to draw this little dude check out the article here:


I failed at getting much of the in-air pencil shrapnel, and the little muscle man printed out a bit pixelated, but I was happy with the results overall. I did some focus stacking to try and get most of the muscle man and pencil tip sharp while keeping the rest of the image soft. I also used an off camera flash to the left of the camera shooting in to a reflective umbrella, to get a bit of a shadow off the back of the pencil.

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