Day 165 of 365 – Hendrick’s

I was not sure what to do for my 365 today so I asked my FaceBook friends for suggestions. My favorite suggestion was “a bottle of your favorite drink” by Jim Stefanik. I could not just take a photo of the bottle, I needed to add some interest to the photo. I decided to take a high speed photo of water pouring out of the bottle.

This was actually a pretty tricky shoot. I had to figure out a way to hang the bottle upside down, then get the lighting right. I ended up gently clamping the bottle upside down then hanging the clamp from a microphone stand. I used one fill flash behind me to light up the front of the bottle, then a second flash off to the left to light up the water as it fell. I pulled the cork and did a bunch of shots until I got something acceptable. It took a few tries but I am ok with the results.

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