Day 150 of 365 – Extraction

I finally got my nasty, decayed, wisdom tooth removed from my face. Not being able to take pain meds sucks, but it’s better than having this gross thing in my mouth. That blackish brownish hole should be white tooth, disgusting right? How I have dealt with this thing in my mouth for a few years now is just beyond me. I will never again neglect my teeth and am looking forward to going back and getting some more minor work done.

I asked to keep the tooth but was informed it was a big bio-hazard, so they let me take photos of it. They where surpsied I was able to hop up off the operating chair and start snapping away. They said I took it extremely well. I then drove from Boston to Providence to meet a client, then drove from Providence to Fall River. As soon as I got home, the pain hit me like a ton of bricks and I could not do anything but sleep. So far so good!

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