Day 38 of 365 – Bath Salts

I am truly sorry for the delay in posting updates to the 365 project. I spent the weekend in New York City with some friends and did not bring my laptop along with me as I was already carrying a bunch of camera gear and wanted to travel light. I was snapping photos the whole time I was in the Big Apple, however Thursday’s photo comes from Providence, RI and not the big city. I got to the city late in the evening and did not bring my tripod with me, so getting a cool shot was super tough. Instead of posting a shit photo, I opted to go with this interesting photo taken while walking around Providence before I hopped on my bus. I wondering around Brook Street with Theresa after a great lunch at The Cuban Revolution and spotted this little bottle hanging out on someones window sill.  You may have heard about these crazy bath salts, the ones that cause people to eat each others faces off, being labeled as “aromatic potpourri”. When I saw that phrase on this bottle I just had to take a picture of it. If my googlin’ is correct, this my friends is what may possibly cause you to eat a fellow humans face off.  Please , do not do this shit. I do not want to stab a friend in the face for trying to bite my cheeks off!

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