Day 34 of 365 – Clear city night

I spent my whole day editing photos from a gig on Saturday night and had only an hour to get my 365 photo  before it was the end of the day. I scrambled around the city looking for something interesting but had 0 luck. I got back home with 5 minutes to spare and looked up at the sky. It is a super clear night and for one reason or another there wasn’t all that much light pollution going on. I decided taking a photo of the night sky and the stars would be better than not taking a photo an ending the 365 project.

It is really hard to post a photo I know sucks. but in the end I know it’s better than not posting anything at all and failing at this project all together.  I want to do this nigt sky thing again but I planned on doing it for 2-3 hours and getting some amazing star trails – I only had 5 minutes so a 1 1/2 minute exposure had to do.

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