Day 31 of 365 – Mill World

I saw a few of these done before and had to give it a shot. I wanted to do it during early sunset, which gave me the idea to HDR all the shots needed to make the globe. I had to take 3 rows of 360 degree panoramas, then 3-4 shots of directly above me, and directly below me. I ended up with 160 something photos when all was said and done. This is called “Mill World” because it was taken in front of a historic Mill in Fall River, MA which is known for it’s mills.

HDRing hand held photos is a pain in the butt, and the results are mediocre. Since this was going to end up as a tiny little ball, I was ok with the HDR’s not being so sharp. If I had to do this again, I would ditch the whole HDR part of it, as you can see, the globe does not look very HDR, but that is usually how I process my HDR’s. Anyway, this was mostly photoshop work, but it sure did make me take a crap load of photos to get the final product.

Note: HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, it is when you take 3 or more different photographs in the same spot with different exposures then merge them together in photoshop.

Again, this is not an original idea. You can google “how to make mini worlds from photos” and you will get some how-to’s. Most of them tell you to do it with flat photos, I chose to do it with a super huge, multi-row panorama to create a more detailed version.

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