Chasing the Northern Lights

Last night I drove out to Boat Meadow Landing on Cape Cod with some friends to try and catch the Northern Lights. Unfortunately we did not get to see the Northern Lights, but we did get to see some amazing scenery. The frozen shoreline, stars, and moon made it look like we were on another planet. I thought I could see some green above the moon, but that could just be lens flare. Did you get a chance to see the light show Thursday evening?




Super Moon

The clouds where thick so getting a nice scenic shot of the Super Moon on May 5th 2012 was not going to happen. I opted to instead zoom in with my old 150-300mm film SLR lens and wait for a break in the clouds to take a standard photo of the moon. This HDR was made from 3 bracketed photos that where merged in Photoshop.