Day 240 of 365 – Stress Relief

Day 240 of 365 – Stress Relief

When life gets hectic, I can always count on taking photos to help me relieve some stress. It’s even more therapeutic when I have a fellow photographer to shoot and talk about nerdy camera stuff with. I finally talked Sam Henry in to starting his own 365 project, so on Wednesday night I went out with him to take some photos for our projects. You can check Sam’s photo from this evening here:

Sam’s focus was the bridge, my focus was on capturing a photo of Sam making his 365 photo. My attempts at capturing Sam do his thing in this lighting environment where quite bad, so I turned my attention elsewhere. While Sam was shooting the highway, I noticed a big hole in the fence that separates the sidewalk from the freeway. I tried a few different shots and angles, but this macro of the fence was by far my favorite shot of the night. The fence’s blue tone was unintentional, but it ended up complimenting the whole shot nicely.


Here is one of the shots of Sam capturing his project. 365ception!

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