Day 207 of 365 – Just After Sunset in The Secret City

This is a long exposure HDR image taken just after sunset near a old mill in New Bedford, MA (I am not sure the name of the Mill, it is the one in the same parking lot at the Howland Mill). I really love the color of the sky right after sunset with a long exposure. You get this really deep, dark, purple look to the sky.

I did a little research about New Bedford for the labeling and commentary to accompany this image and came across some interesting stuff on Wikipedia. Most of the crime stuff was really bad, but I found the Secret City nickname to be  rather interesting:

New Bedford appeared on America’s Most Wanted on February 11, 2006, for three unsolved murders: that of Marcus Cruz in 2001, Cecil Lopes III in 2004 and Dana Haywood in 2005, run as part of a report on the Stop Snitching phenomenon that has hindered police investigations nationwide. New Bedford is called “The Secret City” because of the Stop Snitching phenomenon. The show, broadcast on February 11, received good ratings, but “almost no” calls, being one of the first episodes, the first for such to happen. New Bedford has thirty unsolved homicides since 2000. Most stem from the ongoing feuds between the United Front and Monte Park neighborhoods. The gangs are located in the south and west ends of the city.

New Bedford natives Hector Barros and Scott Ross were members of the hip-hop group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, led by actor Mark Wahlberg.

More about New Bedford here:,_Massachusetts

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