Day 55 of 365 – Drop The Lime

With 1 hour left in the day, I still had not taken my 365. I frantically ran around the house looking for ideas, asked friends on FaceBook what to do, a friend mentioned Macro photography, then I remembered about a project I have been wanting to do that is not macro. Basically, you take a fish tank, fill it up with water, then throw things in it and take photos of the moment of impact.

One problem -I have no fish tank. I found a vase with a flat side and decided to give it try with that. The vase was really small so I had to zoom way in and do this as a macro. This presented a multitude of issues so I just went with it and kept on taking photos until my memory card was full. Between each drop, I had to whipe down the glass from the splash back, which sucked. The results are not great, but this was fun to work with and I can not wait to do this with a fish tank or something even bigger with bigger subjects.

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